Blah, Lord: With a Capital ‘B’

Photo Credit: Schlüsselbein2007 (Creative Commons)

It tickles, yes tickles, my heart each and every day, especially in the morning, how God remains new. How does He do that? How does He take every day that He planned, that He created, and make it brand new? How does a day that seems the same to us, ordinary at best, filled with bills, struggles, and a hard to please boss, begin brand new to Him?

Aren’t we in some way or another looking to break out, spice up, or drop completely, our daily routines? We pray, ‘Lord, I really need a change.’ ‘Lord, could you please make everyday an adventure.’ Routine and normalcy, blah Lord, with a capital ‘B’.

Husband, kids, myself. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Dishes, detergent, devotion. Write, wind down, repeat. How is any of this brand new to God? Simply stated, it’s routine.

And that’s just it. For as much as it is routine, it’s an even bigger blessing.

A brand new see-you-later kiss from my husband this morning. A brand new half-smile from my pre-teen son on his way out the door to school. A brand new hug and high-five from my youngest before he gets on the school bus. A brand new hope found in reading and living His word daily. Thank you Jesus.

That’s how God does it. He takes every day, my routine, my thanks and praise to Him, and makes it amazingly brand new.

Lamentations 3:23 Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning.

In this brand new day that the Lord has made, how are you going to rejoice?


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