Wondering isn’t Praying

Ever wonder how someone is doing? An old friend who went in another direction abruptly. A co-worker who stole an idea of yours. A sibling who turned the family reunion into a spectacle. A parent who just decided to up and leave. A spouse who hurt your heart deeply.

Just remembering the people closest to us, from our past and present, can stir up all kinds of thoughts and feelings. ‘They left me.’ ‘They hurt me.’ ‘They embarrassed me.’ ‘I don’t understand.’ Thoughts of ‘why’ can become the biggest let downs of our lives. Thoughts stuffed. Thoughts buried. Thoughts never let go of.

Did I pray at the time it happened, will I pray now? Will I let Jesus take a hold of my thoughts, in prayer, let Him heal my hurts, in prayer, let Him help me to forgive, in prayer? Will I pray for my friend, co-worker, sibling, parent, spouse? A prayer that changes things. A prayer that asks for God’s power, through the Holy Spirit, to operate on me and in me. Working a change in my life that allows me to pray for others with a sincere heart. Not a heart that continues to wonder why.

I never knew my father. And I wondered how he could take one look at me, his flesh, his blood and just walk away. That thought had full reign over my life for quite a while. I was 26 years old when I found out some of the details of my father’s life. And I had to finally, in prayer, turn over those thoughts, that his choices were his choices. And so would mine. I was such a prisoner up until that time, to those thoughts, that I wouldn’t allow anyone to get close to me for fear of the same. My husband, who I met during that period in my life had a hard time trying to knock down walls only God could, but he stood, he stayed. And I’m thankful.

With the help of Jesus Christ I continue to learn that I can’t wonder why and pray sincerely for others…and myself without a renewing of my mind. Prayer is key and it works!

Psalm 27:8 My heart has heard you say, “Come and talk with me.” And my heart responds, “Lord, I am coming.”

Will you turn over your thoughts, past and present to God, in prayer?

*Photo Credit: Jacob Botter


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