Much, Much More

TODAY is the day…I accept someone’s apology because through Christ I have been forgiven for much, much more

TODAY is the day…I give someone the benefit of the doubt because God believes in me much, much more through undeserved grace…

TODAY is the day…I take the time to listen to someone for as long as it takes because God has been much, much more patient with me.

*Photo Credit: Ana Cotta



  1. Wendy Joy · ·

    Today is a good day to shine 🙂

  2. Hi Wendy, yes it is.

    It’s also a good day to forgive, trust and listen, too.

  3. Thank you, Terry.

    Your sincerity in ‘The Bully Within’ was very touching. God bless you as keep on keeping on.

  4. thank u for your kind words tahlitha. god is who keeps me going

  5. Yes indeed, Terry, yes indeed.

  6. Wow.. this is beautifully said.. It’s only when we understand his overwhelming grace that we can be gracious and loving to others. May we all have this strength and insight…

  7. Thank you very much.

    I enjoyed your post, “Look at Moi, look at moi!” Insightful as well.

  8. Thank you 🙂

  9. I love the words you wrote. Today I will accept someone even if they don’t apologize.

  10. Hi Joshua.

    Every today we’re given is a blessing. God could very well be asking, ‘what are you going to do with it?’

    Thanks for reading. Your weekly prayer lists are a blessing.

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