Saturday Morning Prayers…and then Cartoons

Breakfast was prepared and eaten. Orange juice and apple juice drank. Dishes and cups were rinsed and placed in the sink. And mommy was told thank you.

And then she remembered her own thanks to give. Thank you Jesus for another day under your grace, Saturday morning grace.

Her four-year-old son ran off to watch Saturday morning cartoons. He sang the opening song. Danced a little jig. And mommy joined in. Under Saturday morning grace.

She headed back into the kitchen to put away the cinnamon, the syrup, the bread, and the seasoning for the eggs. She tied up the trash bag and walked it outside. Even the clouds appeared to be under God’s Saturday morning grace.

She looked around online. ‘Liked’ a few things she read. The cartoon sounds played background. Thirty minutes became an hour. Like a light bulb she became aware. Bedroom Bible study and prayer. She told her four-year-old it was quiet time. For her. Under Saturday morning grace.

An unmade bed greeted her. Her Bible didn’t seem to notice. Before she began her four-year-old walked in. He took mommy’s hands. He prayed. Heavenly Father. In the name of Jesus. Bless mommy. Bless her quiet time. Bless her Bible study. Amen. Under Saturday morning grace.

He walked out. Mommy smiled. Mommy prayed. Mommy listened. Mommy read. All under God’s Saturday morning grace.

Photo Credit: Martin Pettitt



  1. This is touching and personal. Thank you for sharing your morning with us and reminding us what’s truly important.

  2. Thanks for reading Joshua.

    We may forget, sometimes, just how much everyday is a gift from God. To give reverence.

  3. . . . and a little child shall lead them. 🙂

  4. Hi Kent. Yes indeed, mommy’s little munchkin lead the way that day 🙂

    I enjoyed ‘The Plea of an “Exclusive” Messiah.’ Very well thought out.

  5. Thank you. As I told another comment author, this was the first post that I truly laid it before the Lord, praying, “God, let these be your words, not mine. Let it reach who it will, for Your glory.” Guess he came through in spades . . . it resonated with a lot of people.

  6. . . . resonated kind of like when a child prays for mommy! 🙂

  7. I look forward to reading more from you.

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