The Praying Power of Touch

I also tell you this: If two of you agree here on earth concerning anything you ask, my Father in heaven will do it for you. For wherever two or three are gathered as my followers, I am there among them.” Matthew 18:19-20

Every Wednesday and Sunday morning there they are. The rally cry of God’s Word has been given. And he calls for them. Prayer partners. Or as I like to call them, Prayer Warriors. He calls the prayer troop to the front of the church. Old and young. In plain clothes, suits, and dresses. Long hair and short hair. Passionate purveyors of the praying power of touch.

They line up to be a part of our requests to God for His strength, His power, His healing, and His direction. Requests for marriages, family, friends, health, bills, fear, and all the things that life can bring. A heaviness they want to share in and turn over to our heavenly Father. 

And then the Pastor calls to us. Those of us who are eager, hesitant, heartbroken and on the edge of giving up. To just come. Someone cares. They care. God cares.

And maybe you just want what they have. Hope. You just want to touch someone who has it. Someone who stands on the battlefield, someone who is already declaring victory over your circumstance.

And you do it. You let that tug on your heart from the Holy Spirit guide you down the aisle. Directing you to earthly hands that want to stand and agree in accordance with the will of God for you.

And with a welcoming smile they ask you your name. You’re no longer strangers. You’re now a part of this troop who knows the praying power of touch. You join hands. And they share in the hope and promise of your request. They stand united with you in speaking to God. And God blesses what you have placed in His hands.

He honors the connection, and the power.

Tahlitha Chadwick

Photo Credit: Liz Grace


  1. i am always asking this of you and my followers in prayer

  2. Hi Terry, I hope you and your brother are doing well

    Prayer can be an intimate and personal conversation with God, as well as uniting with a body of believers in Christ.

  3. That was a beautiful discription of the power and love of prayer!

  4. Hi Tahlitha,
    the amazing thing is that Christ has broken the wall of separation between us and God, every word we utter reaches our loving Father’s ears. Graeme

  5. You’re very right, Graeme. I thank Jesus for the walls He tore down, God hears us; and for the fellowship and encouragement in prayer with other believers.

  6. Tahlitha,

    I do love that used the term “Prayer Warriors” for that is what they are. Th evil beings at work here know exactly who they should be afraid of; those who seek God in moments of triumph, despair, and thanksgiving — the ones who include Him in every moment of their lives. They know the value or prayer, what it means to life up requests and honors to Him. These are dangerously wondrous people.

    As you said, prayer can be the most intimate conversation with God, or it can unite a body of believers. Prayer is extraordinarily simple. As a writer, I am constantly checking my heart to ensure that my prayers are not used an an opportunity for me to perform vocabulary Olympics, but to pour out my heart sincerely and humbly to Him who is the Lord above everything.

    This was a lovely read this morning. Thank you.


  7. I love the way you write and what you write about! I love that we can pray and can ask others to pray for us and with us and that Jesus is always there, always cares, always listens and answers us! God bless you as you give it all to Jesus today!

  8. Hi Cara,

    I like what you said about not having to perform ‘vocabulary Olympics’. Being open and honest is all that’s needed.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Thank you Debbie. God bless you as well.

  10. Caddo Veil · ·

    Yes, that Holy Connection–so powerful, comforting, renewing–His love and light, His touch. God bless you today, Sister. love, sis Caddo

  11. Yes indeed. I hope your day is going great. God bless you too, Sis Caddo.

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