The Happenings Before the Journey

When the Lord saw Moses coming to take a closer look, God called to him from the middle of the bush, “Moses! Moses!”

“Here I am!” Moses replied.

Exodus 3:4

I am a strong believer of the Holy Spirit’s promptings. The promptings of praise. Of obedience. Of reverence. Of thankfulness. And of action.

I trust there are times when God wants an immediate response to His promptings. And when He wants decision-making from His people. Through prayer, preparation, and praise.

I intentionally try to live for God. And I use the word try because there has to be a conscious effort on every Christians heart, tongue and walk to everyday draw nearer to God. To say with cause that there is someone greater than I whom I continue to fall in love with daily. That I’m more than cool with His ways not being my ways, His thoughts not being my thoughts. It’s His heart I’m after. His heart I desire.

The character and history of Moses intrigues me. Qualities (insecurities at times) relative to my own. How God took his insecurities and developed them purposely for a glory only God could receive. The moment Moses drew near, to take a closer look God began the journey with him. The high above, side by side, all around nature of God would accomplish in Moses nothing that he could see or do by his self.

The promptings, conversations and interaction with God stirred up every kind of emotion and question inside of Moses. ‘Who am I to take these people from here to there?’ ‘Who am I to appear before the king of Egypt?’ ‘What if they won’t believe me, let alone listen to me?’

Most of our questions to God and to others have an emotional connection and awaited response attached to them. Although we reply casually to some of them we really want to connect. Be reassured that we’re not alone. That our hesitance and resistance if placed in the hands of God are just preludes to the happenings before the journey. Promptings from the Holy Spirit that we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength.

God in His frustration never gave up on Moses. He never once said because you won’t do this I’m not doing that. Aaron, Moses’ brother, spoke under the authority of God and Moses was empowered to perform miracles. And God’s plan for Moses and His people continued on as promised.

So let’s go Christians!

When we draw nearer to God and His promptings we can rest assured in the Holy Spirit and the work He’s doing in our lives.

Tahlitha Chadwick

Photo Credit: Land Rover MENA


  1. I too have a real fascination with Moses. Maybe it is also that I relate to his misgivings and insecurities about himself. In the end he was a great role model. Wonderful post Tahlitha.

  2. I know what you mean Cathy. And thank you. Walking in Christ is filled with the hope that we’ll get through anything–insecurities, shortcomings and all.

    Although the entire Bible points to Jesus, I’m glad that there were conquerors like Moses who may not have started well but they sure did set a foundation in God for us all to follow and trust in.

  3. You’ve mentioned a few reasons why Moses is an interesting figure in the Bible. Like Moses, I encounter situations where I doubt I can prevail; I think someone else would do it better. It just reinforces the truth that with God, all things are possible.

  4. Hi Janna. I know the feeling, new situations can get the better of me too. Let’s keep one another in prayer to keep in step with His promises.

  5. “That I’m more than cool with His ways not being my ways, His thoughts not being my thoughts. It’s His heart I’m after. His heart I desire.” I adore these words. Occasionally — often — I tend to make simple things complicated. I take what is meant to natural and responsive, and in my trying to “act” I lose the connection. I know you understand what I’m saying. This is normal for someone like me, but with His grace I am growing and learning each day to just be willing, to just be available for Him — whatever that may look like.

    The word intentional holds value to me as well. I think if we are not intentional, our “good intentions” result in nothing more than that. We must put our faith into action.
    I was taking a shower yesterday when the strangest prayer delved into my mind. I thought, “Where did that come from?” Nevertheless, I took it to Him and told Him to do with it what He will, using me as his hands, feet, eyes and ears. I have no idea if that was just a brain synapse going haywire, or maybe He is letting me know that something is coming. Either way, it is His heart I desire.

    Thank you, Tahlitha. Your words touch me deeply.

    Happy Tuesday to you,
    ~ C

  6. Thank you Tahlitha, for the hope and encouragement this brings . . .even to us insecure ones. I like thinking about my hesitating just being a prelude to the happenings before the journey! God bless you and your heart that desires His!

  7. Hi Cara, I do know what you mean. I can make simple things complicated too. Analyzing when I should be trusting. It’s a daily prayer of mine to be more and more in tune and receptive to the Holy Spirit’s promptings. And you’re right, just being willing and available makes all the difference in the journey.

    Many thanks, C.

    Have a blessed rest of the week.

  8. To us insecure ones, indeed. Thank you Lady Debbie. God bless you too.

  9. And you as well, T.


  10. Love this line: “our hesitance and resistance if placed in the hands of God are just preludes to the happenings before the journey.” How wonderful a reminder that it’s not about us, but what He can turn out hesitance and resistance into, by His grace.

  11. Hi GodGirl, wonderful poem, ‘Quiet Time’.

    Could prayer also be viewed the same way? Our hesitance and resistance in prayer. How the floodgate of prayer rushes us right into the arms of Jesus but only when we’re ready to pour out our everything to Christ. And welcome in His assurance, His rest and His warmth. His readiness to turn our quiet time into joy.

    Thank you for stopping by.

  12. Throughout the bible we see that they to struggled and Jesus was in the flesh walking with them. This tells me He is even greater ressurrected from the dead now. We can do all things through Him with trust and a humble spirit. The very word impossible says im possible. That means you!

    Though we struggle, just depend on God. He has a greater purpose and plan. As long as we depend on God! Amen, because He is the missing puzzle piece in our lives at times. We tend to focus on the flesh. I am reminded in my darkest times to be at His feet. God does not want us walking around overloaded, that’s why the cross was taken up by Him.

    How awesome is God sisters and brothers in Christ. Wow! we are all on this journey crossing paths in love in unity. God is smiling upon us.

    A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥

  13. Thank you again. A wonderful statement, crossing paths in love, in unity.

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