Worship While Waiting

And the Lord said to Joshua, “See, I have given Jericho into your hand, with its king and mighty men of valor. (Joshua 6:2)

There would seem to be something about waiting that the Lord delights in. He’s a bit of ‘why rush’ God. He promises, He delivers. We trust, He accomplishes. God is in no hurry. (Genesis 2:1-3) (Exodus 2:10) (Leviticus 8:35-36) (Numbers 11:23) (Deuteronomy 7:8-9)

God hears the Israelites, after hundreds of years of slavery. And as promised, through Moses, He answers (Exodus 2:25). And after 40 years of grumbling and rebelling, through Joshua He leads a new generation to the Promised Land (Joshua 1:6). Although both men were chosen leaders by God, following after God, Joshua would also find strength and victory in waiting on God.

But what about you and I? Do we have the ‘wait’ in us?

The wait during job loss. The wait during marriage woes. The wait during unanswered prayers. Waiting is definitely a stretch of faith. And easy, it ain’t. But what about it did Joshua discover in Jericho? And how do we rejoice over the long haul?

But Joshua commanded the people, “You shall not shout or make your voice heard, neither shall any word go out of your mouth, until the day I tell you to shout. Then you shall shout.” (Joshua 6:10)

Keep quiet in voice, but not in Spirit.

Under God’s glory, His chosen people wanted no more than for God to act that they wouldn’t have to suffer. To bask but not bow. To have results without worship (or effort). Choosing to resist God’s authority rather than chase after His heart. Their mouths, literally, got the best of them.

How we wait on the Lord says it all:

  • Am I complaining to the world about the economy or rejoicing in Christ during my job search?
  • Am I considering a shortcut during this trial or heeding God’s call to stay the course? (Acts 20:24)
  • Am I a better spouse, in Christ, no matter what or a bitter one during hard times?
  • Am I waiting on God hurt or resting (and moving) in His perfect timing?

Joshua’s acts of worship and military training led the Israelites to triumph in Jericho; God gave them the victory in trusting Him (Joshua 1:16-18).

So let’s go Christians! Those seeking God’s face, following Christ Jesus and being led by the Holy Spirit will always see victory, in due season.

Tahlitha Chadwick

How will you or do you rejoice in the wait (God’s timing)?


  1. Thanks, Tahlitha. Love this!

  2. Peter Wiebe · ·

    I have much to learn in the area of waiting on God. By His grace, I will continue to wait. Then one day, the waiting will be over and the celebration will begin. What a glorious day that will be!

  3. I’m glad you stopped by. God bless you.

  4. Hi Peter. I do too, there is something about God’s timing that amazes me and continues to draw me in to just rest in it and ask for more and more in prayer. And yes indeed, the celebration soon to come will surely be glorious.

    I appreciate the visit. God bless you and your family.

  5. I really felt this one, Tahlitha. It’s like it was posted just for me. Years ago I even asked Him about a short cut. haha! There has been no short cuts, and though I’ve wiggled and squirmed, it has taught me much about trusting Him and about just how trustworthy He truly is. God bless you as you wait and gain strength with Jesus!

  6. Thank you Lady Debbie. As I wrote this there was a conviction in my heart to remember God’s timing in all things. I rest in Him (now) more than I ever thought I could. His Word does much for my soul.

    His glory and blessings to you, always.

  7. Oh, I need to improve with my waiting (and patience). I don’t necessarily complain, but I don’t rejoice during hard times, either.

  8. Thank you for the encouraging post. I am learning more and more about the blessings we receive while we wait. God is faithful.

  9. Peter Wiebe · ·

    Thank you, Tahlitha.

  10. Hi Janna. I’m glad you stopped by.

    I noticed for myself that I was placing a limit on God in the hard times, when He really wanted me to see His best for me no matter what the situation. I know (now) that He is and wants to be the center in all the happenings and outcomes of my life.

    Have a lovely day.

  11. Me too Erin, me too. Everyday in Christ is a blessing and a revelation.

  12. lbkennett · ·

    You have been nominated for Inspiring Blog Award.

  13. Wonderful lesson Tahlitha! I enjoyed it! I have experienced my greatest victories, rewards, and miracles, during the times and seasons in my life when I have “worshiped while waiting.” The more I follow on to know the Lord, this is becoming more of a lifestyle for me, as I am still experiencing growth in this area! God bless you!


  14. God bless you too, Paulette. And I agree, there is always room for us to grow in God’s best no matter our circumstance. Thank you for your kind words.

    And you continue bringing those joyful songs so I can get my praise on. Have a lovely day.

  15. This is a great reminder. It relates to what I just wrote about regarding God’s timing with our house. It’s not easy to wait, but it helps knowing that God has a purpose in it.

  16. Your post said much about the purpose of God, and of ours. Our measure of faith through everything speaks volumes. And I pray all the best that God has for you, your family and family in Christ.

  17. Gods timing has always been precious in my life, whether in sickness, a childs death, a lost job, lack of funds, hunger, not a place to stay, given to others if its the only thing i have left. I have learned through many things to wait on the Lord in prayer and rejoicing while i wait, because my faith in him is a permanent part of my spirit. He has promised to deliver us when we wait silently on him, no matter how long it seems it takes. His timing is always…perfect! Such a beautiful post my sister Tahlitha, its message is always pertinent to our lives…thank you!

  18. That’s wonderful to hear, and to have, Wendell, a prayerful rejoicing. Like you said, His timing is always…perfect!

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