God Nose Us

Photo Credit: Kashane Smith (Creation Swap)

Photo Credit: Kashane Smith (Creation Swap)

then the LORD God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature (Genesis 2:7).

my prayer: Heavenly Father, thank you. Thank you for the very life you breathed into mankind, that your image, your likeness, was not flawed but formed. Help us all to be satisfied in your reflection and creativity. In the name of Jesus, amen.

Before you begin to read this, Stop! Go and look at your nose. Find a mirror. Find one inside your purse, in the bathroom, or wherever there’s a mirror-like object and just look at your nose.

Did you do it?

What’s special, cute, or awkward about your nose? Could it be that the end of your nose is round or has a bit of a point to it? Could it be that it’s long, wide, has a slope, it’s crooked, petite, or it’s just plain ‘ol big?

And who did you get it from? Your mother? Your father? A close relative? Whose nose is it? Of course it’s yours (now), it’s on your face, but while you take a look at your nose, ponder just whose nose it is?

Now look even closer.

It’s an original. Although you had no choice (or say) in the curvature, length, or awkwardness of your nose. It’s an original. It has character, don’t you think?

Maybe not. Maybe there’s nothing about your nose you particularly like. Maybe you see a mistake right there in the center of your face. A daily reminder.

But it’s not. Never has been.

And just like your nose has character (or not), it has a Creator.

Not mom. Not dad. Not a plastic surgeon.


The only God who could shape the first nose (person) ever and breath life into his nostrils.

Think about it. Into the very center of his face God breathed. God saw himself, his likeness, his image. And breathed life.

The Bible describes in Genesis 2 verse 7 that God formed the man, breathed into him, and life happened. And just like that God formed you, precisely, as well. He didn’t fail you, he formed you. God created the very shape of your nose (your entire being) and only thought ‘life’. Giving you and I something only he can ever truly get the glory for giving.

So let’s go Christians, we are all made in the image of the life-forming, life-breathing, life-giving God. Noses included.


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