Your Story Will Stick (Part 2 of 3)

So with many other exhortations he preached good news to the people. Luke 3:18

John the Baptist inspires me to celebrate my tongue, my story. To use it powerfully, instrumentally, to glorify Jesus. (Yes, even on the internet!) What others thought of John, this wild man, if you will, was not his biggest concern. He was given something to do, to leap for, even before his birth.

Where¬†God’s Breeze Might Take You

(Luke 4:14; 37; 43)

Your story already has power. It has Spirit power. And it will be shared not because it’s unlike any other but because it’s exclusively wrapped around the love of Jesus. Your story doesn’t involve you somehow saving yourself but that of a Hero unmatched in accomplishment. The forgiveness of sin. No one will ever tell a greater story of the only Hero to die for the villain. For me, for you, for us.

Your story won’t just take you places, it will take you into hearts. Your story will speak to immeasurable sacrifice, unending love, and eternal life. Your story isn’t written on papers of condemnation but through and in Jesus Christ alone, their written on papers of justification.

Before You Share Your Story, Pray

(Luke 5:15, 16)

What is it to let your story reside and rest in prayer? Be its most effective in helping those who listen to it see more of Jesus and less of you? For the very reason that there is new life in your old story. The Holy Spirit, through prayer, renews our story in Jesus to never become boring, dry, stale, or the same. When you share it with others, you’ll share it in other ways. Refreshed and restored again and again is how you share your story, your hope in Christ.

So let’s go Christians, there’s glory in your story!


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