Promises, Promises

Because of your promise, and according to your own heart, you have brought about all this greatness, to make your servant know it. 2 Samuel 7:21

What does God want to do with your gratitude? Make the most of it. In prayer. For you to have a personal seat before the LORD and have Him make known to you—His promises towards you, His heart towards you. What is it to have Him bring His greatness to your attention?

Gratitude has Perspective

(2 Samuel 7:18)

In verse 18 of King David’s prayer of gratitude he comes before God in humble adoration knowing that what makes God great is the same thing that makes David small…prayer. Gratitude has the wonderment of ‘how can this be.’ How can where I’ve been to where I am now ALL be God’s unfolding plans and promises?

What are your challenges today? Your battles? Now imagine them as His triumphs and His victories forevermore. Not yours from when you overcame but from the very beginning, that very moment when everything fell apart to when it all came together. Knowing every last one of them was to make Himself known—to you. Plans and promises of God’s greatness—towards you.

Gratitude has Heart, Ears, Hands, Voice

(2 Samuel 7:19; 22-26)

Think of all the things you put your hands to do, give your all to. Them, like you, are ALL the mighty beforehand works of God. We as Christians are equipped by and with the plans and promises of God. And just like David’s sling was more than just a sling, prayer is more than just a moment in time. It is gratitude towards the heart and ears and hands and voice of God.

Gratitude has Courage

(2 Samuel 7:27)

Pouring out our gratitude in prayer gives no one other than God His praise over our triumphs, our victories. And when we know there’s nothing we can give God but our gratitude we are both blessed and courageous.

So let’s go Christians, be His your gratitude in prayer.


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