A Servant in Speech

But Micaiah said, “As the LORD lives, what my God says, that I will speak.” 2 Chronicles 18:13

Who are those who come to you for advice, direction, even counsel? Your spouse? Kids? Brothers or sisters in Christ? Co-workers? Students? Fellow bloggers?

Are those who come, are they sure of your answer beforehand? Do they come to you out of convenience or do they care and crave your sincerity?

Micaiah, a prophet of the LORD, sought not to speak favorably but to speak in spirit and in truth.

Declare or Decorate

It is one thing to sound wise when asked to share your thoughts and another to remove yourself and allow God to speak through you to the cares and concerns of another. When we as Christians are given an opportunity to speak into the lives of those who value the earnestness of our heart it is a listening, it is an understanding, it is a conversing with what God has done, will do, and continues to do.

God has never needed to be wrapped in pleasantries. Micaiah knew that speaking ‘thus says the LORD’ was free from personal opinion but given from a personal relationship with Him.

Take Him, Never Leave Him

Christians are never to leave God out our most precious connections and times with others. We shouldn’t speak in questionable clues concerning God but to His everlasting answers that govern our own personal decisions.

Who gives to God what He does not give to us first? “That I will speak” is the best way to be a servant in speech and a blessing to those who call on your godly advice.

So let’s go Christians, speak UP!


  1. Thank you for encouraging us to speak from His word and truth! God bless you!

  2. Thank you for visiting Debbie, God bless you too!

  3. Very interesting thought, thanks for sharing. ” Declare or Decorate “.

  4. Thank you for reading Ansell.

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