Beyond Our Feelings

For he [Pilate] knew that it was out of envy that they had delivered him [Jesus] up. Matthew 27:18

What Do You Have?

How envious, if any, are those opposed to your Christianity? Does your life, your walk and your talk cause a want to discredit God’s goodness, maybe even your own?

Envy had weaved its way through a selective crowd who wanted the release of evil and the crucifixion of goodness. There on trial was heart-filled disdain towards the goodness, the fullness of Jesus.

Does God’s goodness have you on trial today?

Make A Case

We as Christians are to make case for Jesus, I believe to make Him known is to make tangible His goodness. To argue, no, to rant, no, to rave, no, but to make case, yes. Our emotions, although within us, are to be Holy-spirited and Holy-driven.

He gave no answer, as the Word reads, because He was the answer. He gave no plea because He was ultimately given over to the crowd by His Father and not by man.

Are you where you are by the hands of man or God?

The Cross of Christ or Our Emotions

Jesus, on trial, was going to be somewhere soon. Back home. Back in His seat. Back with His Father. But our sin needed a place to be nailed, a one-time resolve. The cross.

Although momentary in comparison to eternity Jesus paid our cost. Scourged, crowned, mocked, spat upon, and nailed would be His sacrifice, bundled in our sin was His full measure of goodness.

Do your feelings and actions have an upward calling?

Don’t Mask Your Feelings

Let’s give God our feelings. Our cares. Our concerns. Stand where you are, on trial or not and offer up your feelings. Whether the crowd be many or it’s you against you, stand there unashamed of the goodness of God.

So let’s Christians, you may not be able to quiet the crowd, but Jesus stands with you!

How do you move beyond your feelings? Encourage others below.


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