All The Healing I’ll Ever Need

Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth. Colossians 3:2

Yesterday afternoon I had a follow-up appointment to see how the healing of my left foot was progressing. I even brought my left shoe in the hopes that I’d be trading in my walking boot. And although it’s healing, I’ll be in my boot for another two weeks. I was already in a bit of a funk and another two weeks of not running further dampened my mood. (Yes, running is a big thing to me, I enjoy it to the point of moodiness if I’m not able to do it.)

There be an endurance in me now, a strength, and a hope. There be a passion afforded me in running, a joy in moving forward. And although it be a pleasure to glorify God with my body I also know that there is a glory in His timing towards healing.

I prayed yesterday evening in my mood, my funk, for God’s help. Being consumed by my own healing, my own time frame–that he would humble me in rushing anything that He’s in total control of.

I tend to think that God gives us our parts to play in every circumstance never-ever relinquishing full and total control. Romans 8:28

Now on to today. During breakfast and before our morning devotion my kids and I prayed ‘make us a blessing today in our actions and in our speech’. And I received an opportunity to do and be just that.

As I returned from walking my youngest son to school I stopped to check the mail. Fumbling through the advertisements a neighbor of mine walked towards me with laundry in her arms. She asked me about the boys and we began to chat. After we chatted about how tall the boys were getting we began to really talk. She told me that her husband had cancer. She shared with me that he would be receiving chemotherapy today. She had also shared that she hadn’t been to work in over two months because of his health and the care she’s giving to him.

As we spoke I got to hear and feel in comparison and more importantly, in compassion my inner grumbling towards the healing of my foot to her husband’s battle with cancer. The cross of Christ hung around her neck as she shared the happenings of their day and I could feel a piercing in my heart towards the healing God has given us all…through Christ.

I offered prayer and a hug and she accepted.

Thank you LORD for making both her, and I, a blessing.


Where has God placed His healing in you?


Share your's a blessing!

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