Who does ‘I Am’ think He is?

I am the good shepherd. I know my own and my own know me, John 10:14

Dear believer, Jesus be no stranger to His fold. It be His holiest attribute to know who He is and who are His. It be an unbreakable certainty. An unbreakable bond. A distinct relationship.

‘I Am,’ He says, not to question but to intimacy.

Jesus Is Personal Towards His

What a blessing that in all His ways He knows us. You and I. Our Savior. To know Him who shepherds our heart. To know His call. To know His leading. To know Him as intimately as he knows us. What more could be Jesus’ assurance for the believer than to know I Am.

Stranger Danger

We Christians should not be swayed by those who claim to know Jesus but with exception. His sheep know His voice with certainty. And God takes great value in those he’s given to Jesus to acknowledge Jesus.

Certainty be the character of Christ displayed in us.

Not A Salesman

Jesus was not a salesman. I Am and I know was not His sales pitch. It is intimacy. To know and be known. To love and be loved. It is in knowing that there is nothing better.

There is, in Him, only Savior and sheep.

So let’s go Christians, know means know.


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