God of Enthusiasm

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. Ephesians 2:10

God created us to have a zest for good works. A zest for being the hands, feet, and mouth for the things Jesus.

‘Once walked’ and ‘should walk’ graces us in verses 1 through 3 and 4 through 10. Scripture show us the differences between past passions (outside of Christ) and present good works (in and through Him). Christians are never excluded from having lives that ‘once lived’ for the things of this world.

Ask yourself (or another Believer) what excited them before they were followers of Christ. Maybe they would share with you the excitement of watching the amount of money in their bank account grow and grow and grow to questionable heights. Maybe they would share with you the excitement of meeting with someone outside of their marriage for here and there rendezvous’.

And even as those are only examples the honest, truthful Christian would also add with haste that those were dead works (passions).

The Should Be Christian

Christians should be the most excited people. God’s enthusiasm should pour out in everything He gives or places (y)our hands to do. Our actions, our works today are created and made alive to the things of Christ.

Our hands take on and hold things to the glory of Christ. Our feet move and go out to the example of our Lord’s walk. Our mouths speak and spread salvation to the saving of souls. Imagine no other joy than that of God’s preparation of all the things you and I can and get to do in and through Christ.

We get to give when we use to take. We get to love when we use to hate. We get to rejoice when we use to reject. We get to serve when we use to be selfish. We get to be and do everything God created us for.


So let’s go Christians, walk in your created good works for we have many a thing to do in Christ Jesus!

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