The Traps and The Stench

Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence. Psalm 91:3 (KJV)

What or who appears to be closing in on you? What or who is causing you to stand upwind to the stench of their lies?

The faithful follower can and will become a target. The Believer stands to be noticed, recognized, and bulls-eyed, if you will. So where does that leave us if we appear destined to be marked?

Protected. Not target-free, but protected.

The psalmist sings to the protection of come what may. He rejoices, (in verse two), in the surety of the God in whom he trusts.

‘Dwell,’ he says, ‘abide,’ he says, ‘trust,’ he says, ‘surely,’ he says to you, and to me when the traps are being devised. When the rumors are being woven together in stench. He encourages us to stand in God’s shadow, to make divine use of our God’s wings.

Delivering His people is God’s forte. He doesn’t blink an eye to (always) coming through for His children. There is no sideline in which God only watches.

‘Surely’ is a character trait of our God. And assuredly God protects those who trust in Him (no matter what).

So let’s go Christians, surely there is no trap, no rumor that God can’t shut down!


Thank you for reading, share the encouragement.

One comment

  1. Hi Lady Debbie, I hope (and pray) you’re well. I do miss your poems…bless us, your readers, with more.

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