Smooth Sailing and No Worries

When a man’s ways pleases the LORD, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him. Proverbs 16:7 (KJV)

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Now let’s get into the Word and be encouraged…


What are you up to these days? Are you making moves? Are you gaining in your goals? Are your decisions being directed?

Well let’s share in what smooth sailing isn’t and what no worries is.

Smooth sailing suggests that everything is going as you and I have planned (not the LORD’s). Whereas having no worries leads us (literally leads us) to pleasing the LORD when we’re making moves despite obstacles. Gaining in our goals when there are setbacks. When we’re prayerfully seeking our direction, our decisions, from the LORD.

And even though obstacles, setbacks, and prayer can be through the means of man (or woman) God can take their plans and schemes and make them lay to rest.

God would have us Christians, (you and I), to take Him up on His offer of making moves that please Him. To take His worry-free hand and to let those who oppose you, do what they have to do.

And just remember that our LORD continues to make moves that no one can counter-attack.

So let’s go Christians, be at worry-free peace when your ways are pleasing the LORD!


Thank you for reading, share the encouragement.



  1. Thank you for your encouraging words!!

  2. Thank,you, Tahlitha . . .this was powerful!

  3. Thank you Debbie, it’s an encouragement only from, and in God that I share. I hope you and yours are well.

  4. Thank you Leola. Thank you for sharing your story in your ‘about’ page.

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