A Sure Imitation

If you know that he is righteous, you may be sure that everyone who practices righteous has been born of him. 1 John 2:29

My noted thoughts:

  • Having knowledge of Jesus’ character is continuous, ongoing.

  • Knowledge is practiced.

  • Who you know and who you are go hand in hand.


They say, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” But what does that really come down to? Is imitation what we think we see or who we think we know? Can ‘real’ imitation come from those we don’t know personally?

You and I see celebrities on many platforms: television, movies, sports, music, fashion, speaking, writing, but they can only be imitated from a distance. And at times we can have our hopes dashed when we get unscripted glimpses of just how human they are. Just how human we are, as well.

But John says to us, ‘little children,’ ‘children of God,’ if you know Jesus, if you know him that is righteous imitate the surety of Jesus. By far and wide imitate the character of Christ. Imitate him so much so that others see him in you. Imitate him in such a way that it is a constant, daily practice. That there is no one else that you so closely want to resemble.

Christians are set apart. But only to be like Jesus.

As children of God we are to be as sure of Jesus’ character as we are of having air flowing in and out of our lungs, pulsation to our hearts. Our eyes should open every morning not to the glaring interest of someone else’s persona but to the certainty of our Savior’s righteousness. Vessels who look to God and his Word to ask, “What’s Jesus up to today?”

So let’s go Christians, lay claim to imitating, knowing, and practicing the surety and righteousness of Christ!


How do you imitate Jesus in your day to day?


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