Grace Inexhaustible

I do not nullify the grace of God, for if righteousness were through the law, then Christ died for no purpose. Galatians 2:21


My noted thoughts:

  • Have an overwhelming recognizable stance on grace
  • Righteousness is tainted without the work of Christ
  • Our lives are but to use upward this free gift


Take grace and make it meaningless. Make it take it or leave it. Have it of hidden use. Then we nullify the grace of God. Make it about everything you’ve done and Christ has done nothing of utmost significance. If we (try to) give God the crumbs of our good works we nullify the grace of God. Work hard in this life without the grace of God and it is in vain. It is but to exhaust yourself to earthly living. Have a life of giving upon giving without the grace in which it was given to you will not be unmerited favor but merited only by what you’ve done.

O, but what a joy to the one who accepts grace through faith in Jesus Christ, alone. What a weight you have died to (in Christ), no longer living to be redeemed, but redeemed to living everlasting. Living to a joy surrounded in the work of Jesus. Freedom that escapes our own works. Freedom that says, ‘I get to’ rather than ‘I have to.’ Wow, Christian, wow!

Let us be tireless in what God’s grace has done for us. Let our aim to working and living and giving in this life be upward in pleasing God not appeasing Him.

So let’s go Christians, work like you’re free.


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