In Him Toot

and has raised up a horn of salvation for us in the house of his servant David, Luke 1:69


My noted thoughts:

  • God is passionate about his son.
  • God is passionate about his people.
  • God is passionate about his will.


There are things our earthly father’s tell us we can do, can become. A teacher. A firefighter. A writer. A many of things. But with certainty it is completely and totally in God’s hand, his will.

Zechariah prophesied spirit filled the things of our coming Christ and even the things of his own son, John. God gave to Zechariah’s tongue a willed toot. Not just a loving guess but the surety of Jesus, God’s son, the horn of salvation.

John the Baptist would come into the world as planned not tooting his own horn but that of his savior. ‘I am not,’ John says over and over again, that his pronouncement was not in himself but that of Jesus. His voice, his toot, if you will, was to the horn of salvation.

So what are we to do as those who know Jesus? Make ourselves known? Toot our own horns? No. We are to be excited in whatever means our Heavenly Father gives us to toot in Jesus, about Jesus, for Jesus. Be overjoyed that you as a teacher, a firefighter, a writer, and the many a things we all are get to announce that Jesus is coming.

So let’s go Christians, make a joyful toot!



  1. Great post. Making a joyful noise now

  2. Hi Keith, yes indeed.

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